Looking for a specific car paint/livery

First time forum poster here.
I am after a specific paint/vinyl/decal design for the 2017 VF commodore for Walkinshaw Racing. You buy one with BOOST on the side which is actually one of the team cars but I am after the Black/Red option with MOBIL1 on the side, driven by Scott Pye. The retro Scott PYe design used at Bathurst is awesome and use that now but want the other design to.
Pic attached to show the design
There is heaps of V8 Supercars designs and more being added but can’t find this one
Has it been created or can someone point me in the direction of someone that can, or how to myself
MikScott Pye Mobil1HSV Racing

Hello mate, I couldn’t sort out your link, is this the one you meant?

I’d be surprised if it hadn’t been done already but I’m sure there will be someone willing to take it on as it’s a fairly straight forward design. It’s likely someone has most, if not all, of those decals already made.

Thanks for the reply
That’s the exact one I’m after. I’ve looked under the designs for a few of the Supercars but no luck finding it.
If it is there I would greatly appreciate help on where to find it, but if not would also appreciate someone building it as I have no idea how to do it
Thanks in advance