Looking for a seller of a 87 Pontiac TA FE.

In title. I would like a second one for collection reasons. I rarely see them in the Auction house and that’s why I’m posting on the forums.

Thank you.

Do they show up on the AH? I’d love one, but assumed they were just gifts from November’s rivals.

I agree Kaylos29, I any need 3 cars to complete the entire collection and that’s one of them…missed it when it was given as a prize and have not saw it again.

I’m pretty sure you can’t auction them.

I went to the auction house to buy another one the day after we got them and there wasn’t even a search thing for it. I then tried to start an auction for mine just to see it would let me, and it wouldn’t.

It’s a shame because it’s a really cool car. The widebody kit on it has a very late '80s/early '90s Trans Am Racing feel to it. Hopefully we will have some chances to earn it again, I’d take an extra one or two happily over a lot of the FE cars.

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I had two but they could not be sold in the auction house.