Looking for a rally cross group!

Hello, are any clubs or groups out there running rally cross events for fun? I’m coming over from GT Sport and I’d like to find a group that may be making custom events or running their own series. The structure of online I’ve noticed so far is very chaotic and random. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, I’d just like to find something with a little more structure! I’ve been messing around on my own in single player creating tracks and rally cars and I’m starting to get the itch to race others in the same format. It’d be nice if horizon had a lobby list where the host could set the race settings and restrictions.

Maybe I’m missing something in the menu for searching for this again I’m really new but if anyone has a group or knows of one lemme know on here!

Ive made a fair few RX tracks. Up for some racing if your still about

Send an invite if you guys set something up. I’d enjoy giving it a go.