Looking for a group of clean racers, all classes


last weekend I began playing Forza 6 online. I have been pretty into Forza 3 on the 360, and I must say, the Multiplayer Hoppers are so much worse than I was used to in Forza 3. I played for around 4 hours and almost every single race I got wrecked so hard, that there was absolutely no chance to be better than in the last 3 or 4 places. This made me almost ragequit Forza 6 completely, to be honest.

I tune myself and I am driving cockpit view with all assists off except the braking line (never tackled this behemoth :frowning: ). Despite having some top 1% times in B class in rivals I would say I am not the best driver, but I try to be clean all the time. I like all around A class, but best thing would be driving different classes to get some variety.

Now I thought before quitting Forza I could maybe look for other people, who have the same problems like me. I am from Germany, so a European group would be best. Of course I am glad about everyone who is willing to drive with me, but I guess US groups drive at times where I have either social duties (like beeing out on weekends) or I have to sleep to get up early for my job.

I am looking forward to getting to know some of you guys :slight_smile:



Try 2Old4Forza. We are a group of 25+ years olds. There are guys from all over to race with.

Do you do formula ford racing

thank you guys for your replies.

@Lord Sarverious: I will check it out, thx!

@MintGeoduck1174: As in “focused on mainly driving Formula Ford”: no. In best case I am looking for a group that switches classes, like one day A, one day S, one day some different kind of motto. The part in Forza I enjoy most is making almost undrivable car drivable and in best case competetive in multiplayer, that simply works best for the normal letter classes. That in mind, nothing speaks against some races in Formular Ford :wink:

Hi Sero, I’m relatively new to the game too (played Forza for around 3 months now) and was introduced to many clean drivers on day one.

I came from 5 years of nothing but PGR4 and had a couple of buddies who ran Time Attack weekly’s on there and have done the same via Rivals with a big following. I strongly suggest you add SpeeedK1LLz, he runs two Rivals challenges every week (various classes, tracks and occassional spec restrictions) that have around 50 people from North America, South America and Europe. This is definitely a top way of making good friends, as everyone plays together on a daily basis at European-friendly times and always opt for tight yet clean racing!

Here’s a few people to add also:
leetortsregularly comments on these forums, loves weekly leagues and dons the cockpit view like yourself!
Abdul H 999 and Felix DeSuza are British master tuners who can help anyone with their building needs!
one chance lou was the infamous host of PGR4 Time Attacks for 5 years straight and keeps said reputation well with hosting private lobbies and chats for clean friendly drivers on a neae daily basis. Loves the leagues like leetorts, but also loves to play through all car classes.

I’ll leave it there for now as any of the guys mentioned above will have no quarms with introducing you to the rest of the massive family — we’ve just begun our own weekly leagues too so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into :wink: Just let them know I sent you, may get weirded out otherwise!

There’s great people on here, so just be wary of braving the hopper lobbies alone!

Hope you enjoy your stay on Forza!


Currently looking for Australian Drivers for our new Forza series. Mature gentleman 20 years n over. First series race is Mazda MX5 Cup as well as Australian Nostalgic Racing Cars and consist of a compulsory tune for Australian Group NC. . A9X Torana, Ford XB Coupe, HQ Monaro. These cars have been pre tuned for equal performance . Our club will consist of Period correct racing from T/A Muscle cars, HQ racing Australia to all out Truck racing. There will be so many more types of racing that I’m sure there’s something for everyone. Most of all your voice gets heard.All opinions matter and all drivers are equal. This is not for the weekend racer, it will simulate real racing and will need a certain amount of commitment. We have a facebook group page and a Forza expression session group for sharing replays and photography skills. If this sounds like you’re kinda racing , you’re kinda Forza then you are welcome to come join . Forza Australia Racing Club. F.A.R.K… Hit me up on gamer tag SGT BLK … Thankyou.

These guys are racing A class once a week. Have A look.

thx everyone for replying. I will check out all the communities one day. Those guys of PPS hosted a race last week and invited me over. I definitely had a blast there! Forza 6 Multiplayer actually can be fun :slight_smile: Although those guys are fast like hell and i did not see much more than their rearlights …