Looking for a good drift car for a lazy (non-)drifter

Hi guys,

I’m terrrible at drifting and not really interested in it.

Still, I want to clear the drift zones with three stars. Therefore I’m looking for a car that allows you to pull off drifting with a controller and automatic shifting. So far I’m using the Hoonicorn for that, with enough attempts and luck finding the perfect lines allowed me to beat some of the tarmac zones already.

Maybe one of you can suggest a better car for the job?

I don’t want/need to get into serious drifter scores, I just want a “lame” ride to scratch the gold stars. Do you recon Winter might help us drift-noobs beating the zones with less effort?


I’m also having this same Issue. In a race I can drift ok, but not 100% in the zones

Try drift with Nissan 260SX, Subaru BRZ, Formula Drift, Mustang or Mazda RX7.

Using manual gears will make a huge difference.
For car you could use any of the nissan silvias/skylines, there’s heaps more choice but they’re easy! Try keep them rwd too

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All of the Formula Drift cars are extremely easy to drift.

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I am even more lazy than you… I never dig get the catch on drifting but since I got the BMW M6 FE I started to like the drifting. The key is use manual shift and try to drift in 3rd or 4th gear (1st and 2nd are useless)

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You will basically never get 3 stars in a drift zone using an automatic. The reason is the automatic will not allow you to keep the powerband up for the turn. This is why most, if not any drifter will tell you to use a Manual. You don’t need to use the clutch unless you want to, but keeping a car in a certain gear will make it easier.

The drift Car Pack is excellent for all of these zones and you can use different cars for the different sections. The AWD cars will be a bit better in the dirt because this game actually changes the physics for that where previously you could 3 star all dirt sections with ease on a RWD car. Just pick on of the cars, practice a little bit with it and make sure to use a manual. I don’t think you will really need to leave 3rd gear for any of the sections, but 4th will help out on the longer turns and bends than 3rd gear as it will give more speed.


Easy car for drifting try the ford rs. I think it is the cosworth. Upgrade fully w/ drift suspension and sport tires put it in 6th gear and smash the pedal never take it out of 6 th gear lazy man drifting at its finest. If u need a spec rundown i will give u exactly what u need


I’ve managed to get 3 stars in a lot of drift zones with Automatic but it was very, very, very, very hard and time consuming. Since learning to drive Manual then Manual with Clutch in Motorsport drifting in Horizon is really easy.

The Formula Drift cars are all setup very well with variations in HP that suit different zones, however, it’s true, to make it easy, use Manual and get into 3rd for most zones, then just learn to feather the throttle. Faster courses you can use 4th.

Even with manual I was still taking a few passes to get 3 stars on drift zones but recently something clicked. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the sandy beach drifting to get car points just trying to keep the car from spinning. While doing some casual drifting just driving around in the game or in the Forza Live events I stopped looking at the braking line for the zones and instead focused on looking at the inside of the edges of the driving surface. Suddenly I’m drifting easily.

I just achieved 3 stars in the drift clubs in one pass with only a few rewinds (when I went off a cliff) That was eye opening for me. Even a month ago I couldn’t do it.

The only two things that changed were practicing drifting on the flat sandy beach and concentrating on the road surface edges instead of the driving lines. I no longer tolerate drifting. I’m actually enjoying it and it’s helping my off-road and dirt racing because I can now drift without loss of speed.


Since this message a few more things have clicked for me with drifting I’ll share because for the first time in any Forza I flew threw the drift zones without much time or effort, however I got stuck on one and learned more things that led to easily finishing them.

The right car for a drift zone should have enough power to spin the tires without lag but not too little. I was doing poorly on the Woodland Walk Drift Zone east of the quarry. Too much power and too little grip meant the car couldn’t keep it’s speed to drift precisely. Too much grip and not enough power, meant I had to use the hand brake to spin and that’s tricky.

So I tuned the 2013 BMW M6 Forza Edition with a AWD drift tune that had 1212 HP which is lower than the maximum 1515 I could put in the car. Got the 3 stars in two tries. I could control my drift with the throttle easily without resorting to the handbrake. I’m sure others can use the handbrake better than me, but steering and throttle is how I’m drifting now with rare uses of the handbrake. I’ve shared the tune.

I’m using RWD on all drifts now except slippery zones, especially ones that have a lot of elevation change. In two other tricky dirt zones I bumped the HP on that BMW to 1515 and now have 3 stars on all drift zones.

I’m actually enjoying drifting now! I need more practice to keep up with the better avid drifters but it’s actually fun now. The keys for me were learning to not overspin the tires and use the steering and throttle together without relying on the handbrake and speed all the time for my spins.


Pick Formula Drift Viper, modify differential to 6 speed gear. Then set gear to 6 and begin drifting. I bet you’ll love that :smiley:

I think the best drift car (and I think the cheapest 30,000 100,000 to upgrade) is a merc I’ll post the name in a min

I love the BMW M3 08 RWD with the V8 6.2L Keep it in 5th gear.

If you get the BRZ you can kit it out with the Drift Club Set up which is a relatively easy way into tarmac drifting

The volvo 240 has a drift club set up too … which is useful for dirt as it is lower power, enough for dirt … (I also have a tune for this car for c600 retro rally events that monsters the field )

As has been said above the Nissans lend themselves well to drift setups & there are loads of tunes available if you don’t want to DIY …
I think every Drift tune I have now is my own - even a few unconventional cars like the Morris Minor & 1970 Camaro ( Camaro is very easy to Drift)

Practice is the key …
My advice would be to do the festival circuit …which includes the doughnut drift zone … keep lapping … as you keep hitting the same corners in the same order it gives you time to practice each corner, making a whole smooth drift lap feels really good … it gives you a crack a the drift zone each lap too

If you want to be lazy just tune the hoonicorn accordingly and it will be much easier for drift zones. Dirt tire compound, race suspension, race differential, widen the rear tire by 1. Set the differential to front acceleration 23% deceleration 0% rear acceleration 45% deceleration 0% and 65%to the rear. This will make it much easier to control for all drift zones on road

You always see a couple Automatics at the tops of the leaderboards so anything’s possible. I don’t know if this got solved but the Formula Drift Viper has tons of power to feather and play with in those corners.

old topic, but I’m sure there are more lazy non-drifters out there :slight_smile:

I should know, because I was one of them. Now I can easily drift anywhere and also getting good positions in Drift Adventure while always using Automatic. So it can be done, with a bit of practice and it becomes really easy.
Oh and did I mention I also play on PC with a keyboard ? That means, acceleration is always full, no way to throttle it like with a controller. Also 3 stars on all drift stories, quite easy I might add.

As for the cars:

  1. #88 Ford Mustang
  2. #25 Ford Mustang.

both with tunes that you can easily find, take those with 5 stars. I know the cars are harder to get and not everyone has them, but if you do… you’ll become a drift master in a few days of practice.
Of course, always turn traction and stability off.

Have fun !

Pretty late to this thread, but the Alfa Romeo P3 is fantastic on a lot of street drift zones. Get a tune from the storefront and you’re set. (It can also drift backwards lmao). I mainly used this, the 1969 Mustang Boss 302 (from drift club all 30 stars) and the Hoonigan RS200 Evolution (for dirt/snow drift zones).

Other good options include the BMW M6 FE, most Nissan’s, any of the Formula Drift cars, and the whole line of Mazda RX-7’s. If you do all of the chapters of Drift Club, 1: you’ll get the Boss 302, which is pretty good for drift zones, and 2: you’ll use a bunch of cars that are all decent for drifting.

As for technique, RWD is more authentic and cooler, but AWD is by far easier for a beginner. Try and use both to see which one you like more. For shifting, almost always use manual or manual w/ clutch. Automatic shifting is okay, but it won’t give you the same results as manual. Stick it into 3rd or 4th and learn throttle control, and you’ll be set. Finally, try and keep traction control and stability control off. Makes it harder yet easier at the same time.

Good luck!

If you can’t pull it off with a hoonicorn, a drift car won’t help you in the slightest.

i do not know if you can get this car…

ford mustang boss 302 withdrift beast tune…search beast tune a 800


a 240 sx with drift adventure tune search drift adventure a 800

turn off traction and stability