Looking for a fun,friendly 18+ UK based club to join!?

Hey fellow racers!

Enjoying forza horizon 4? Would like fellow drivers to cruise with or have a laugh in some races?

Feel free to check us out CraveTheGame, we are an 18+ gaming community that have been established for over 7 years and a fair few of us have recently picked up Forza Horizon 4!

We are always looking for like minded members to join us! We appreciate real life comes first, so game as and when we can, there’s plenty of friendly banter and always laughs to be had!

If this sounds like yourselves then please don’t hesitate to check us out and any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a message on Xbox Live!

Hope to see you on the open roads!

Miss Wotsit

In addition, we also have our forums which you can find out more about us and join in the conversations! www.cravethegame.proboards.com :slight_smile:

Hey if anyone fancies joining us for some races please check us out!

Sounds interesting! How do i join?

Hey there, please check out our forums www.cravethegame.proboards.com and you can also search for cravethegame on the Xbox clubs too :slight_smile:

Hey folks!

So who is loving the look of the new dlc coming this week?

Well… if you fancy joining us for some great games nights and races please check us out!

Ps… we have a discord channel too alongside, the forums!