Looking for a drag club

To any recruiting drag clubs.

My brain is filled with nothing but how a car from the 70’s works. For example, if you have a 383 rear end gear, depending on the car, you’re gonna want 12 to 17 pounds of tire pressure. My grandfather was a drag racer, well, my whole family consists of drag racers. Even as I tipe this, I’m wearing a shirt that says “Drag City, Earlville Tri-state raceway” So, in a nutshell, the only thing I do on Forza games on Xbox One is tune and drag muscle cars, need a club that understands that.

Thank you.

Try Mine, our tag is [FODL , fodrl.webs.com we have a street race league and are thinking of starting a roll race league, mostly muscle. yeah, come check us out!

I’m currently in a club but they don’t drag much. Wish they did a bit more. I do love to drag race & do highway races.

I’ll drag race with ya. All I use is muscle cars. I’m like you, all my older relatives were car guys back in the 60s and 70s, drag racing, street racing, outrunning the law…you name it, they’ve done it. So yeah message me if I haven’t messaged you first.

FODL, best drag race league around! This is what we are currently up to;

hey man i have a drag team. we race only fwd and rwd s1 and s2 cars so if you want to join let me know. we do highway pulls and quarter mile and mile drags so let me know