Looking for a community/crew


i recently bought fh3 on pc

i love drifting and i would like to find some people that do too, im not too good but i’ll learn it :stuck_out_tongue:
im looking for a crew/community thats hosts freeroam/drift sessions
i own a G29 + Shifter


Hello AmIDion, I am CJ with UGAlliance. Right now we have a smaller club I am building up for Forza. So far all new members have been great. Below I am posting a little copy and paste insert to give a brief overview of the Club. Hope to see you in the Club, Happy Hunting…

Please read below for an overview of the Club.

Forza H3 Club Name: UGAlliance Car Club, in-game
Region: North American based, however we are not limited to North America.
In-game Club Tag: UGAx
Platform: PC/XB1 - Crossplay so why not.
Age Requirement: 17 or older
Mic Required: Optional
Open to public: Yes
Club Activities: Free Roam, race, cruise, practice drifting, drag race anything our little minds can come up with.
What we’re looking for: Like minded members, from casual to hardcore drivers, that want to play in lobbies and have fun.
Weekly Car Meets: Yes (Optional to join)
Required to join website: No
Website if interested in joining, NOT REQUIRED: LINK:—> United Gamer Alliance <—However, it would be ideal

Image: SinlessImmortal’s UGAlliance Vinyl wrap.
![UGA-SinlessMortal ](http://files.enjin.com/1323461/Forza H3 Images - in-game/Sinless1.jpg "UGA-SinlessMortal ")

Hello, i also own a g20 + a shifter, but how did you get your shifter to work in Forza?