Looking for a clean race


I am looking for a club/group of racers only interested in clean racing. Struggling to find a good race on a regular basis.

Can anyone help?

You could always join a racing league. I do a few series that have just started up but sadly doesn’t have many racers. Here are a few websites
http://forzaracingleagues.freeforums.org/ (this is mine)
http://virtual-motorsports.com - View forum - External Events

Hello! Our club is accepting new members at this time… We race weekly and have main events and series thru out the season! If you would like to know more info or race as my guest, contact me thru xbox live!

We have a great group of Forza drivers, painters and tuners… Stop by our forum and register…no obligation to join club to sign in… http://evercoolracingteam.freeforum.net/

So check us out and make arrangements to join us on track… We have been running 3 to 4 meets a week so a time slot that fits your lifestyle is easy to find! We are based in -5 time zone and have members from across the globe… And our club is above 500 in rankings on most all leaderboards with some above 200… But our best asset is our members, we are a team and we work together as a team… No dictators, or big egos to contend with, just decent guys who enjoy competitive racing!

We also have other game discussions on forum and is a place to meet up for those as well… Hope to see you soon!


open to all racers