Looking for a 4*+ painter , for a few personla paints done

hello I have just returned to forza 4 and I have some money that I want to spend here’s what im looking for

looking for a personal paint to fit on a RX7 FD + TVR SAGARIS
has to have D4Best written on it

I will pay any price for paint’s would prefer the 2 unlocked but doesent matter if there not as the paints will be for me only

Pm me in game or reply here please ty

Also I will buy a paint from 4 diffrent people max

bump still looking

I might have someone who can help. What sort of thing are you looking for?

He’d need a few pointers in terms of what you want before he can definitely do it for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

TVR Sagaris and a rx7 FD both will be in drift event also some show off events so a clean tvr and a detailed rx7 if he could
body kit needs to be full forza on TVR
and any body and wheels on rx7
looking for my name somewhere noticeable on the cars aswell
cost does not matter either