lookin for online roadtrip Xbox One to do with. Or just play single player untill final.

This might be a bad thing to ask Is it true you get alot of money for doing a long roadtrip with others or one other on Xbox one? If so anyone willing to do this? I am new to the Xbox one so might want to tell me how you accept an invite. Or just keep playing untill final. The game evidently don’t end there as there are real high level players. It’s unending right?

Correct. For all intents and purposes, Forza titles (and most racing games in general) do not have a definite end. You just keep playing and racing for as long as you’d like.

As far as credits go, “longer” road trips will yield an opportunity to earn more spending money, but playing the game (single or multiplayer) in pretty much any format will reward you. Just keep at it; knock out some progression tasks, save up your credits for the cars and parts you truly need or want, have good luck in the wheel spins, redeem your Forza Rewards and you’ll be doing fine.

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I got the lottery perk. The only good reward was the LFA so far and early level 37 now. Now if you do spin a car you have do you get 100% value or only half? Good to know you can keep on playing indefinite. I noticed you cant redo events you have done. Or can you after the final? That would be a spoil right. Thanks for the good reply. I am not good i have beat a pro drivatar only 2xs not to worry though. Oh how do i tier up just by playing? TYVM for the redeem rewards feature.

the lottery perk just gives a 10% increase in the rewards from the spin…nothing else…it does give you better rewards or increased chances of better rewards
VIP will give you double the rewards though

Whats VIP it’s not a perk is it? You mean the VIP pass dlc?

I believe if you choose to sell a duplicate car back during a wheelspin, you only get approximately half of the vehicle’s value. I think.

You can redo all the events in single player and in multiplayer (private or public). In single player, when selecting your next championship, just choose the location of the events you wish to redo. Of course, this will not help you progress through single player, but you will earn credits and XP. In multiplayer, private freerom with friends is the best way to choose what events you would like to run.

Tiers are determined by your gameplay. From your Forza Rewards overview page, select each of the games to see what tasks are needed in order to earn more points toward your tier level.

VIP is buyable through the Xbox Marketplace. It is, indeed, the DLC you’ve seen.