Long time Forza player, new wheel user here


I have been playing Forza for years, and I always used controller. It works fairly well, nice FFB from both triggers if I accelerate too hard or brake locks up.

I have just bought a G920 wheel, and all the FFB are gone. Maybe the question is that is is even a thing a G920 padels that I can have FFB?

You may be able to mod the pedals, but those particular pedals do not have built in rumble. Here is an example of what you’re looking for: ClubSport Pedals V3 | Fanatec You’ll notice under Features, it describes vibration motors for the throttle and brake pedals.

I believe if you turn up the vibration scale setting through the in-game advanced controller options, you will feel more of the ABS in the wheel itself.

Looks like fanatic pad rumble is driven by its wheel.

If you are into DIY, here you go: DIY RUMBLE PEDALS SIM RACING | SHAKE IT - YouTube

Interesting idea, let me take a look

Are the Fanatec pedals compatible with Logitech 920 Wheel on XBOX One X ?

You would need a drivehub, but yes it is possible.