Long Drift-Zones missing

50% of my time in FH4, i drifted the Needle Climb probably 1000 times, made over 30 Drift-Cars for this Drift-zone, tandem with 7 random players, trying to break the record.
Now they made this massive Vulcano Hill in FH5 but the only Drift-zone there, is probably 500 metre long. I mean the road would be better than needle climb, but no, they made a small Zone.

They gave us some Drift-cars, Drift-parts but it feels like we cant usw them right because, when you habe mastered all Drift-Zones, there is nothing to do with the Drift-cars. In FH4 you could at least trying to break your record at Needle Climb (small Drift-zones are boring…) and you knew there is always someone drifting.

We, The Drifters, want a good place were we can meet, Drift and having fun together. Showing others our cars. This could all happen if there would be a longer Drift-Section like the Needle Climb in Fortune Island.