Long Beach Grand Prix Saturday tickets!

As I mentioned in this week’s edition of the Week in Review, we’ve got three pair of tickets for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and we want to give them away. I’d prefer to give these out in pairs so, if you want to go and bring a guest, hit me up in the thread below. First come first serve and I will mail the tickets. The thread closes on Wednesday and, if you get tickets, you are responsible for travel to and from the race and any lodgings you want to set up.

If you get tickets and go to the race, I’d love to see your pictures from the event! Good luck!


If you still have tickets and I’m fortunate enough to get them, I’ll take my wife. Thx

Check your PMs!

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Thank you.


Give them to SuperiorRain835
He’s a top guy and deserves it

I’d love a pair. I live in California and i’d take one of my other friends from my schools Formula FSAE Team.

Check your PMs Hiro!

I live on the wrong coast. But one of these years in going to give myself a cool B-day (April 14) present and head to this race.

I would love a pair of tickets! My best friend and I are huge fans of the Forza series!

Check your PMs Horizon!

Thank you for participating. I am locking this thread now.