London Taxi

Hello guys, i have been grinding to get wheelspins just for the taxi. My dad and i love building cars together in this game but i still cant get seem to get one. I check the auction house non stop and theres never any in there. If someone has won it and would be willing to sell ive saved some money up and would be willing to pay a good bit. Thanks guys!

Are they only in wheelspins? I’ve never even seen one in there. Does seem odd that such an iconic British vehicle would be hidden away like that.

… wish i saw this thread yesterday. won a Taxi off the Wheelspins and sold it for $20K. only took a few seconds for someone to buy it. it’s really a shame that they don’t allow direct sales to other players. if i get another one, i’ll let you know. unless i set the price to a unreasonable, ridiculous amount though, i’m not sure how i could arrange it so you could win. as you said, they go rather quickly.