LoL Style Racer Feedback

Everyone’s heard of that ‘revolutionary’ player feedback system League made quite a while back, right? The one where skilled/fun players get kudos while the idiots get punished? Well I think something like that would work beautifully in Forza 6.

You could have just a few options for people after a race if you highlight their name in the lobby in categories like skilled driver, fun chat, or report. Selecting report would bring up a list of behaviors like spinning out passers, stopped on race launch, ramming through corners, wallriding, verabal raging, etc. Players could see how many compliments/punishments people have received, and players with high numbers of reports in short amounts of time could have small punishments while routine offenders would suffer more serious consequences. Numbers of compliments could also be integrated into Forza Rewards.

I understand that accidents happen: I’ve been yelled at for accidently bumping a rear end and causing a wreck and I’ve yelled at others when they accidently wrecked me. To combat good racers from being punished for honest accidents there would have to be a sort of buffer zone between punishments. I think if you get reported by at least 2 people in a race then a counter is started. If you are reported in 2 more of your next 4 races then you warrant a punishment. That equals out to 3 of 5 races having a report to get punished, and the initial 2 reports will ensure that the offender was actually doing enough wrong to affect the race as a whole instead of just an accident. Punishments could range from stopping XP/credit gain or unable to use the offending car for 30 minutes of racing, up to 3 or 5 day bans from multiplayer.

Of course this is just an early idea I had after being spun out while passing 3 lobbies in a row, so it almost certainly needs refinement.

Any other comments or ideas on this?

Edit: For whatever reason I totally failed to see the first sticky being a feature wishlist, terribly sorry about this mods :confused: Still, maybe it’ll be good for this to be on its own if people like it it’s easy to find, if not then it will just sink into oblivion instead of cluttering the sticky thread…

would still be abused.


Dust is correct.

That being said, it’s one of the best ideas for a penalty system I’ve seen in quite some time. I’d be for it.

I don’t see the need for all the “skilled driver,” “fun chat,” “sweet paint,” “cool bro” and “wicked drifter” nonsense. I just want a way of reporting offending drivers and them being segregated from the rest of the community in some sort of bad sport lobby. Let the jerks annoy each other. The trouble is how to have a system that works without abuse. If Turn 10 has to review every report, they’d need any army researching thousands of reports every day, but if they aren’t reviewed then players could get unfairly reported and banned. Maybe what we could do is have players frequently reported, like so many reports in a certain time frame, get secretly flagged in the network for investigation, and maybe at that point subsequent reports include submitted replays that could be studied to see if the player is indeed unsporting.