Logo Request For Audi's

I need a JHM Logo for for all my Audis in the game.

This is what it looks like in real life
Hard to See JHM


If possible I need in in flat black

another better one

I don’t think you can paint matte logo’s as such.

The logo itself doesn’t look all that hard, have you tried to paint it yourself - at first glance it appears to be just squares with a bit of skew added to them. . . .

You are right, It does look extremely easy but Im going to be 100% honest. I have zero clue how to paint on Forza. My abilities extend to changing some body panels and wheels to carbon fiber.

You not on your own there most painters have to start from newbie inc me, it’s taken me years to paint the designs etc that I can paint now. You should paint again as time goes on you will improve, take it from someone who knows.

I’d say you could do worse than learn the basics. It’d just be apply vinyl shape, select the basic square and manipulate it, by size, skew and stamp, repeat.

That being said I spent about 5 minutes making this, took longer to take a picture, download to pc, re-size and upload than it did to paint. . . .

I can share that for you if you like.

wow. that looks amazing. is it posibble to share the logo only so that i can apply to any car. do you happen to own a vw or audi

I’ve shared just the logo, no problem. Sadly a knackered old Renault Clio lol

you my friend arm amazing. being that i am new to applying logos, i know this is noob question but how do i find the logo. feel free to flame me with, “just search”

It’s a little hidden to be honest.

if you go customise, create vinyl group, press a, then apply a vinyl shape. Once you’re there, press the left shoulder button - that brings up ‘recommended groups’ but if you press what used to be the back button on the 360 (the one with two squares sort of overlapping) you’ll get a search box. Can search by description or my gametag (either should work - description should be easier as just put JHM).

Good luck.


If you want it done in Matte finish there is a way to do it but it’s slightly more difficult.

Take the logo that was created for you and using the basic shapes make an outline of the logo. Then you paint the car the matte black color you’d want and paste the outline of the vinyl on the logo and simply cover the rest of the car with large vinyl shapes that are the color you actually want the car - keep in mind, they will only be gloss.