Logitech's customer support vs. Amazon and Warranty Company

I had a Logitech G920 that snapped off a Wheelstand Pro. I had bought it from Amazon as a :Amazon Renewed". After using it for 6 months I had to remove it from the Wheelstand Pro and snug up the wires and firmly reattached it. After 15 minutes the wheel snapped of the Wheelstand attachment, plate. I contacted Amazon and they told me I had to deal with the extended warranty people (“Asurion”). I sent it to Asurion prior to calling Logitech. The Logitech representative told me I should have called them first, that if I did tighten it down it shouldn’t snap off and I was the first person to ever call them about this. This is something that Logitech said could have been a bad wheel base… The wheel was already sent to Asurion. Once Asurion received it they sent me an email saying that it might take 2 weeks to fix it or send it back. Amazon refused to help. Asurion doesn’t return phone calls. I asked them to at least take a picture of the base where the plastic snapped or send it back or stop dragging their feet and call me back… No follow up. A Logitech supervisor named August followed the case and we waited for Asurion to get back to me. They didn’t. Logitech said they would call me at 4pm and they did. I sent August a tiny picture of one of the bolt holes that snapped off and told me he authorized a replacement. They are sending me a new wheel. If and when I receive the wheel back from the warranty company I will send it to Logitech for them to refurbish it or if I receive a new one from them I will again send it to Logitech. All I really want to say is that August and Logitech took ownership over the problems I had and went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. Big Kudos Logitech!!! Thank you so much! Shame on Amazon and Asurion.

I’m getting the new wheel Monday… I also bought the bigger attachment plate for the Wheelstand Pro… had the smaller plate for the Thrustmaster F458. My bad Thanks Logitech, you’re the best.