Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP Wheel support!?

Hello everybody, i have some question. So when i want to setup my wheel in Forza Horizon 4 setting they telling me to i dont need put more important button. I have a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP wheel so now i see the problem i need more buttons on my wheel to save setting in game, so is have a another way to save settings or something like that.?

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I have the same problem, Tell me if you come across a solution.

I have the same wheel, did you make it work?
Thanks a lot!!!

I have the same wheel and I just mapped those extra functions to a separate joystick controller.
That got me past the save, now trying to get everything else working properly…

I tried without the Logitech gaming software installed, now trying with it…

Please post details if you succeed!

hello, did you manage to configure the steering wheel?

It seems that we all have the same problem, but no one has posted a solution yet. I cannot map the less important buttons to another device neither. .

Please, Microsoft…

Seems related with this… (a counter intuitive design)

+1, on this wheel.

It works fine with FM7, even the FF works. I tried plugging in my Xbox 360 USB controller to map the rest of the buttons on FH4, but then it thinks my accelerate pedal is fully flat all the time. Maybe the VJoy tool can help with this.


I just excitedly dug out my wheel from the garage, it run great on old games. Turned on FH4 and it told me that it’s fully unsupported or unrecognized. Did anyone get it to work? How?