Logitech wheel owners please help is this a good setup?

Hi I am looking to buy a wheel set up I can’t afford to buy all the best thrustmaster stuff it will cost about $1500 and I can’t do that. I assume thrustmaster is better just because of price?

But I am looking at Logitech stuff this is what I’m looking at

Wheel and pedals Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel for Xbox One | JB Hi-Fi

Shifter Logitech G Driving Force Shifter | JB Hi-Fi

Does anyone own this set up and what can you tell me about it?

Is it good is it realistic how’s it feel? I like to drift on forza and cruise. will it be worth it?

I am very satisfied with my g920, the quality of the materials is stunning! Gives a great feel to the game, however you need to find the best settings for you regarding ffb strength and wheel angle. I would definitely buy the g920!

I can second that the g920 is great quality for the price and an insane amount of fun with the shifter it’s better on forza Motorsport 6 though you can feel everything the car does