Logitech Shifter on XB1X

All of my gaming has been done on a PC so far. A few weeks back I decided to buy an XB1X. Even though my Logitech 920 works fine (using profile 4 with some adjustments), I cannot get the shifter to work in a sequential mode, only the H pattern. On the PC, you could select third gear as downshift and fourth gear as upshift. I have looked through all of the setting (both the XB1X and FM7 & FH3) and cannot find anything.

Can anyone help? Makes me want to go back to a PC.

Forza 7 (and FH3) on the Xbox one (and S/X variants) lack the ability to set custom button mappings, so you will not be able to set your driving force shifter up to use it as a sequential shifter. There are, unfortunately, only 3 options to this dilemma.

1, Rewire the G920 paddle shifters into a new sequential shifter made from an arcade stick - Like this!

2, Buy a Thrustmaster TMX (/Pro) or a Thrustmaster TX wheel and a TH8A shifter; which has a sequential shifter built into it. Or alternatively, swap all your hardware over for Fanatec equipment and their shifter; which is has both H-gated and sequential shifting modes.

3, Swap back over to the PC for playing Forza 7, which offers fully customizable button mapping.

Thanks for the info.

Believe or not, I looked at every one of those options. I started out with a G25 on the PC, then went to a G29 that would work on my PS4 and PC (how I used FM7 & FH3). When Grand Turismo Sport finally came out and it was terrible, I decided to go to the G920 (it was on sale for $199 at Best Buy). Almost went with the complete top end Fanatec for around $1200 (ultimately, price aside), I am sure it would be well worth it. Also saw deals on the Thrustmaster TX wheel ($299 at B&H) and a TH8A shifter ($99 at Best Buy). Since I bought the XB1X, thought the G920 would be the most compatible. Does the Thrustmaster & Fanatec play well on the XB1X and fully compatible?

Thanks again.

Any officially licensed peripheral that is made for the xbox one is compatible with the Xbox one S and Xbox one X.

Took one of your advices and replacing everything with Thrustmaster (TX base, Pro pedals & shifter and 28 GT wheel).

Thanks again.