Logitech Momo Force range problem.

Im run today this game, and my wheel has the same problem like Forza Motorsport 6 Apex:

Momo Force range

Game detect my wheel fine, but full range in a game = 45 degrees in my wheel.
Im set 0% dead zone in a center and 100% in a wide.

Apex settings

of course without success.
How Im set it properly?

Maybe U made a mistake with Logitech Driving Force GT? Momo Force it has 180 degrees. If U set in game more, then game will not use the full range on my wheel.

Same problem as you with logitech momo in FM6 apex but in forza 7 demo it’s worse, the range is only 9° … did you change setups in forza 7 to use a wider range?
In my case, I change steering linearity down to 1 but now the steering is too soft, even I touch the steering sensibility :frowning:

A friend and I have the same issue with this wheel.

The wheel get detected but like previously said the range is like 10 degree?

Thats right, but in forza 6 apex is this same problem…
Im back to project cars, and I dont start play Forza until the problem are repaired.

Hey all,

same problem here!
Need support plz…

Same problem! Please help!

Any more info on this? My buddy and I both have the same wheel and same problem.



I have the same wheel but when I tried it with Horizon 3, the brakes were constantly pressed at about 10%… and it’s a lot easier with a controller anyway IMO…

In logitech profiler, click on Steering Wheel → Axis Properties and set Range to 20% (You must use this profile as global or set game to run this profile when you run game). This helps me :slight_smile: