Logitech G920

Hi everyone,

I just bought a new Logitech G920 for my xbox one to enjoy Forza 6 and other racing games. However, the steering wheel doesn’t work at all, the pedals just work fine as the gear stick but the wheel totally doesn’t respond at all. I tried also with other games such as Dirt Rally or Pcars but nothing.
Can anyone help me with that? I dunno if it is a problem of my wheel or I gotta set up something in the options.

Thanks guys

The first thing to do is to hook the wheel up to a computer and update the firmware from Logitech, see if that works. After that, the Logitech forums are quite useful, but duds do happen, even with Logitech. Even if you end up with another wheel, be sure to update the firmware before you hook it up to your XBox.


Yep, I hooked up to my pc and I updated it and now everything works. I wonder, what if someone doesn’t have a computer to update the firmware? (yep it sounds strange to not own a pc in 2017 but it could happen). Anyway thanks for the answer and sorry for my dumb question , I should have hooked up before post this.

I got the G920 a few days ago and before reading this thread didn’t even know I could update the firmware, like for my Fanatec CSR.
I’ll do it tomorrow.
What are the changes? I hope it fixes the horribly weak (and sometimes absent) force feedback with forza 6…

No worries, happy to help. The instructions that come with these things is, well, a little lacking. There should be a big sticker right across the top of the box that says “UPDATE ME” as soon as you open it.