Logitech G920

I received my Logitech G920 steering wheel today along with the pedals and drive force shifter. Got everything set up and have been racing all day. I’ve only got three concerns about the rig so far.

  1. the force feedback seems very weak, and the setting is set at 100%. On forza4 I used a fanatec CSR wheel and was very pleased with the ffb. But not so much with the G920.

  2. The g920 makes very odd noises. My old CSR wheel was very quiet but the g920 makes noises especially when I’m counter steering. I don’t think the noises are anything wrong with the wheel, just was surprised they were even there at all.

  3. The brake pedal is VERY stiff. It’s extremely difficult to get the proper amount of breaking force. Was wondering if it’s something I need to do with deadzones? Or is it purely with the brake pressure in the tuning menu?

Despite those three things, I’m really enjoying the wheel. As much as I loved my CSR wheel (with all my heart) fanatec is just asking way too much money for an Xbox 1 wheel. I’ll end this post with a simple question, has anyone else experienced these issues with their G920’s? And to anyone who has a g920, how are you liking it so far???

It will be slightly weaker than your old Fanatec wheel, as the Logitech wheel is not belt driven.

You may need to turn “Rumble” off, or lower the “vibration” slider in the advanced controller options. If this is set to 100%, it can create a lot of vibration chatter. When rumble is off and vibration at 0%, the wheel is relatively quiet.

I personally find the new brake pedal to be a massive improvement over the G27 pedal set, and I find I hit my mark much more often and easier. It will just take a little time getting used too.

Thanks for the response, I’ll try what you said above. I’m taking it you own a g920? Do you know if there’s anyway to tune back the spring setting of he brake pedal? The CSR wheel had a dial behind the brake pedal to adjust the strength on it. Was wondering if the g920 pedals had something like that but inside the shell

Yes, I own the G920, as well as a G27 which I use on my PC. (better support currently than the G920). With regards to the brake pedal, only way to adjust it, is to strip them down and remove the dampener that is used alongside the spring. I would say to practice without doing that however, as once you get used to it, it is a really nice feeling brake pedal. Compared to the G27 pedal set, the G920 brake just feels more “natural” to me.

If you click on my signature at the bottom of this post, it will take you to my youtube channel. I have a few videos of me driving with the G920 wheel on there, and I have the telemetry data showing. It might help you, it might not. Though it allows you to keep an eye on the brake, and how much pressure I use.