logitech g920 ?

Looking to buy a wheel some time soon. Anyone have suggestions on what wheels are good and not so good?

The G920 is probably the best low-end wheel out there right now. Unless you’re looking to spend a lot more money, i woudn’t bother looking any further than the G920.

Honestly if you have not had much experience with wheels. You might have a hard time because the force feedback for the wheels are bad. Looking at recent post in the FM6 General Discussion. I don’t think it will get patched. G920 is a good choice and a plan b would be a Thrustmaster Tx.

thanks for the input fellas. Its going to be between the Tx wheel and G920.

I had a TX wheel when FM5 released, and it is a good wheel for both racing and drifting. Especially on the PC with Assetto Corsa and Iracing. But it broke within 6 months, and I never got much help from thrustmaster with it. Their support is hit and miss. Some people have had awesome support from them, but others like myself received highly sub-par support from them. I was forced to go to Amazon and luckily they game me a full refund, but I only took the refund as they had no more in stock at the time. I did get a replacement from Amazon first, but that was dead out of the box. The TX wheel does not have a great track record with reliability at all, but it is possible on the more recent batches that has been resolved.

I just received a G920 yesterday though, and so far it is proving to be a very good wheel for racing with. As for drifting with it, I am not yet ready to put down my thoughts at the moment.