Logitech G920 Wheel Problem

Hi Guys,

I have started experiencing a problem with my G920 and wondered if anyone here has any knowledge of a possible solution.

Whenever I turn the wheel 45 degrees onwards to the right some of the buttons activate by themselves, mainly it is the pause button but can also be the change view, change telemetry or reverse view buttion. As you can imagine in multiplayer this can be particularly frustrating both for me and other racers when I suddenly get slammed into first gear mid turn!

I’ve checked and have the latest firmware downloaded and all plugs are firmly in place on the wheel. Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

I had a similar issue. I had mapped the “look behind” button to the A button, and it would pause the game every once and a while. It was really awful.

I ended up getting the wheel replaced by Logitech a few months later because it stopped working entirely.

I’m not saying that is the path your wheel is headed down, but I would check the expiration on your warranty.

Yeah, this sounds more like a hardware problem than a software problem. I wonder if perhaps some of the wiring has become exposed inside the steering column and is getting shorted out as the wheel rotates.

Thanks for the responses guys

A week on still waiting for Logitech to offer any advice however