Logitech g920 LSB / RSB button issue

I’ve already posted this subject elsewhere but wanted to put it here to get some attention. Does anyone know the reasons why LSB and RSB never work on this wheel?
When I looked into this in the past the answer appeared to be that it was an issue on Microsoft’s side not logitechs.
It’s impossible to use forzavista and use the tuning guides on FM7 as both of these are hard binded to RSB and not reconfigurable as far I can tell. Not to mention how much us wheel users generally always need more buttons!
Anyway just wondered if anyone had any insight and if the devs see this, please can we change these buttons to anything but LSB and RSB? As there’s a good percentage of us out there that can’t use features such as forzavista.

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The buttons do work, just not on the xbox one. What I do find odd, T10 took the time to actually map them for looking left/right in the PC version in the default G920 profile on PC. I should have mentioned that in my video…

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Is there any update on this LSB and RSB button issue for the G920. The buttons DO WORK in project cars 2 on xbox. So it is not a logitech or Xbox issue. Turn10 please add a mapping for these buttons.


I can’t believe this issue hasn’t been addressed already. It must surely be an easy one to fix.

Test drive is also mapped to a stick button, so is unusable from a multiplayer lobby.

Same concerns on Fanatec CSL Elite wheelbase running the P1 wheel rim, can never vote for a track, cannot test drive, etc unless you power up a controller and initiate that way. PITA.

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It would be nice to be able to vote for the track too in a multiplayer lobby… Fanatec user here. please fix.

Funny I never brought this up to the forums either, with all thats broken with this game I put this at the bottom of my priority list.

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