Logitech G29 Wheel on Forza 7

I know that G29 Wheel is not the recomended wheel for the game, because of the G920, that is the Microsoft version of the new wheels of Logitech. Despite that, the owners of the G29 would like all the funcions work on Forza 7, like the RPM leds. It would require an update from Turn to make available the leds to work on Forza.

I appreciate the time and hope this request would be consider.

Thank you.

Good luck on that. From what I’ve heard, LEDs don’t work on any wheel right now and there have been pretty much no recent FFB or wheel changes.


The G29 is not compatible with Xbox, it´s something about the way the signals travel between the console and the wheel, it´s been like this for many years and 3 consoles.

Edit: Oh, you probably meant on PC.