Logitech G29 Settings

Anyone got a good setup for this on XB1 yet?
I cant seem to find a good rhythm with it yet!

g29 is for ps4 dude. g920 is xbox one

These are the wheel settings I use on my G920 on the Xbox one, I use the same settings on PC with that wheel. They should work quite well with the G29 on the PC also, as the wheel hardware is the same. You may need to do some tweaking for personal preference, but the settings I use should provide a decent starting base for you. Hope this helps.

G920 wheel settings video - (OLD) FM7 | Logitech G920 setting | Xbox One - YouTube

Forza Motorsport 7 is also on the PC, so if they are using the G29, I would assume they are playing on the PC. Either that, or it is just a typo. Regardless, you could try to be a little more helpful towards someone asking for assistance.

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