Logitech G27 wheel button settings


if I select the G27 wheel as a control for FH4, when I press button 8 I get rewind, to rewind further however I have to press button 16 (if I press button 8 it seems it’s the same as esc or (x) on the controller). If I instead select custom wheel 1 and create bindings from scratch, I can press 8 to rewind, but after that I cannot seem to rewind again with any other button. How is it possible to do so?

Also note in general button numbers shown on the screen seem to nearly always be wrong, and be +4 or +6 of the button that actually does what it is supposed to. The bindings I select for things like shifting etc. are ok and work fine, I am talking about the bindings when in the menus.


Same here, in FH3 the “Select” button was above the D-pad, now it’s on the steering wheel, the red button up to the right… Hope we can remap everything soon.