Logitec car pack

Have car pass won’t load
Is it not available yet?

Probably not. Give it time.

Ok thanks

I had the same problem .
I am in Spain and tried to downloasd the DLC october pack 1 hour ago . I have the Season Pass and it download and says it is installed but doesnt show new cars avialable in the game.
I also noticed that there is an update patch available from the 6 th October so I think it wont show till the update gets applied .

Is this right ?

Don’t know I still don’t have it.
No patch either.

Guys, the Car packs require that month’s content update for the game to display the cars. Be patient as it can take a while for the updates to appear in the Xbox Store. Usually around 2pm Eastern USA time (EST) At this writing, is is 1:26pm EST.

Content Update for October is LIVE! GOO! Time: 1:30pm EST

If the game is not showing an content update available, quit the game (Hit the XBOX button, highlight the game tile, press the Menu button, then select Quit Game), and shut off your Xbox One. After the lights stop flashing, turn it back on and try playing the game.