Logged in on a different car than I logged out

When I logged in today I was in a 2015 audi TTS Coupe, But the last thing I did yesterday was play the co-op trial on a 1972 lambo, and then logout. Is this just some random bug that switched my cars, or should I be worried someone somehow got on my account? My money hasn’t currently been touched, and my account doesn’t seem to have auctioned any cars, so maybe random fluke?

This has happened to me, starting up w that audi, but if i recall correctly it happens to me when i have to restart the game due to hanging in some menu or something.

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Lambo 72 is DLC car, if you’re in a DLC car and log out, you will be switched to a non-DLC car when you log back in next time.


Thanks to you both! That’s great to hear! I had forgotten that the audi tts coupe was one of the starting cars, so that makes sense.

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Many times will I log on to find I’m back in my Audi starter car. I had no idea why, now I know.

Yep, I’ve logged out and found myself in my starting Charger in the past as well.

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As said before, you always start up in your first car if you shut down while in a DLC car. Happens in Forza 7 as well.

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I end up in a Focus RS PO car occasionally.

If you do this, never shut your game down again, isn’t this one of the Unicorn cars?

probably and more likely it’s the focus RS that you chose from the start, and not the PO
unless you want to post a pic

Excuse me, WHAT?

I’ve exited game ow so many times while in my Camaro PO, Agera RS and so on and when I logged back in, world didn’t end.
I got kicked back to my first car (Ford Focus) few times in a year of playing, last time it was around a week ago and I’m not exactly sure, but I think I was in Abarth 124, when logged out before.

I’ve exited in the Agera RS, the Jarama S, amd the Gallardo Spyder 2012. All came back in the game with those cars. I’m more inclined to say that it’s a combination of DLC and CTD as a safety measure.