Locked Privilege This feature is blocked per your XBOX LIVE parental control setting

I’m trying to access the “Find Designs” sections in forza 6 but everytime i try i get the '“Locked Privilege This feature is blocked per your XBOX LIVE parental control setting” message. Any help to fix this? I own the ultimate edition of the game if that helps.

I have the same problem trying to enable custom paint jobs for my son without setting the permissions to wide-open. Does any one know what specific parental control option(s) have to be set to “Allow” to load designs from other users? Do you have to restart the game or the Xbox One for parental setting changes to take effect?

Information on the family/parental settings is here: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/browse/xbox-one/security

If you have difficulties with changes, contact Xbox Support. That is a console setting, controlled through Xbox Live.

I also had this same exact issue when it came to my sons XBL account. It’s easy to go through and customize your child’s content. There is a specific box that says “allow user content”. After you have made sure this is allowed if it still didn’t work, you should delete and re install the game. That’s what worked for me.

Thanks, setting the “You can see and share content” option to “Everybody” did it, I just had to power-cycle the console for it to take effect. Thanks!


Where was this setting at and I assume it wasn’t for the 360 was it

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It’s in your privacy settings under your account
Game is only on xbone but the settings would also probably apply to your 360 as well if you use the same account

This worked for me. But you don’t have to cycle off the Xbox.

Just hit the Xbox logo on your controller to window your game., but the Menu button, the small button on your co teollee just below the Xbox circle, and choose Quit.

Then launch the game again and you can instantly options and you won’t get the crazy message.

Thank’s for the suggestion, you need to be more patient for resolve this problem. :slight_smile:

Which setting? Do you have to log out and back in? - I’ve tried several and it still doesn’t work.

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