Locked out of my own Design I created?

Title really says it all, I created my own design, put it up in the storefront, Then applied it to my car. Now I’m locked out of the design… I tried buying the same car again and applying it but to no avail… Anyone know about this or am I just doing something wrong…

Where are you trying to load the design from?

From the “My Designs” tab,

Is the design there and you can’t load it? or is it completely gone?

It’s still in the my designs tab, I still have it shared on the storefront too. Whenever I load it and apply it to my car is when it locks me out, sucks too because I wasn’t even finished making it yet :[

Have you tried unsharing it?

Just tried and it’s still locked :confused: I think I’m running out of options lol…

Hmm. Maybe try getting into the original car you painted it on and going to the apply decals menu; then hit the select button to bring up the menu and try saving it to the catalog. This will create a second file separate from the original.

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I don’t have the original car anymore I accidentally removed it from my garage a couple days back, and also don’t have the separate file anymore… All I have left is the copy of it that I saved and published to the storefront which is the one that’s currently locked… Maybe removing the original car had something to do with it?

AFAIK (and I should know, being a painter of sorts) all paints you download from the Sharefront are locked. That includes your own.

Baffling as it is, that’s how it works.

I think that may be your issue. In the future I’d recommend always saving a copy of the design to your catalog.

dang :L Thanks for the help anyways dude!

No problem.