Locked cars on disc

Hi, I was wondering how acquiring cars would work in FH4. Would it be like FM7 when 158 cars on disc were locked away from the buy cars area for online challenges or the specialty dealer or would it be like FH3 when all cars on disc with the exception of two or three cars that were part of the perk system are in the Autoshow?

How would anyone know at this point?

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I doubt if there’s a need to, Horizon isn’t just driving round and round of circles. I’m glad of the locked cars in FM7, they’ve given me a reason to keep coming back to drive round and round in circles.


Wow, exaggerate much?


I heard half of the 700 cars on disc was locked away, sorry for being wrong. How many cars were locked in FM7 so I can fix my post.

If I recall, it was around 140 cars. That may be a bit high though.

In FM7, out of 701 cars in the roster there were 158 that weren’t in the Buy Cars menu, but 43 of those could be obtained from campaign play with no time-limited restriction.

FH3 had 7 cars in Midnight Battle street races & Skills shop, and 15 Barn Find cars.

All we know right now for FH4 is that there will be Barn Finds and Forza Edition models, and Forzathon and a Forzathon Shop.

Also note that in the past couple years there was a 5 week gap in news between E3 announcements and the start of car reveals in mid July, and we didn’t get Horizon Edition car info until gamescom in August. We might not get info on locked car methods or numbers for the next couple months.

When the time comes I’ll add an Exclusive Car Access/Status list to the Car List pinned at the top of the forum.


After watching the Forza Monthly livestream, something became painfully clear. A large amount amount of my favorite cars are not in Auto show. And then I remembered what happened in forza 7. They made a large amount of the cars unicorn cars that you could only rent untill they made them available as rewards. And that in my opinion was the worst design decision that had ever been made in history of the entire series of forza games, by far. If that’s what has happened again, it might stop me from getting the game. It was a terrible enough choice when you could still drive the cars that were not available to buy. But that’s not a feature in Forza Horizon. The only way to drive cars is to buy them. So in an open world game where exploring the map in your favourite car is kind of a lot of the fun, how could locking a large amount of the cars untill a certain point, possibly well into the life of the game, remotely seem like it would be a good idea? Especially cars that are advertised on the official car list. If this is the case, then it really feels like false advertising. And its an incredibly unethical thing to do.

Getting a game and having wonder if its going to be days, weeks or maybe even months of your going to experience your favourite car, that you saw advertised on the official car list is not something that should happen ever in a racing game.

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Aside from barn finds, Playground explicitly said some time ago that they would not lock base game content.


No one knows this for sure at this point. What you saw being played yesterday (if that’s what you’re basing your opinion on) was a dev build and not the final version of the game that will be released. There’s no way to know what build that was, what content was in it and even how many dev builds there may possibly be. Probably best to wait until we actually have our hands on the game to know for sure if it’s that much of a concern for you.


I really hope that is the case. But there is about 150 cars that are not in the auto show. I really doubt they are all barn finds or something else like think. I mean i really hope im wrong and you can get all a launch so way or another, but I just don’t think that’s case. It would nice if someone from turn 10 or playground games could elaborate on this further.

And again
Not all cars have been listed yet…it was even stated

He cars won’t be in auto show, and I’d hope there are a few cars as rewards for certain races, like the midnight races in fh3.

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It would not make sense to have locked cars in a game that’s all about doing whatever you want when you went (though that has changed a bit with seasons)

Just to make it more clear (or more confusing, if you don’t mind). At the start only 400-ish of the 450+ cars will be available at the showroom for purchase.
showroom cars
That means there will be 50+ cars “locked” trough progression. Not counting the Forza Edition ones since those are not present in the Official Car List. Let’s say 15 are barnfinds… that leaves 35+ cars out.
Now let’s say each house give you a unique car when you buy one… there are 12 houses in the game that leaves 23+ cars you can only earn trough campaign mode (maybe wheelspins or forzathon shop)). I’m fine with Race Rewards (like Street Racing Rewards in FH3) but for me that is a lot of unique cars… I hope at east we will be able to auction all those cars. Like in FH3 one Mazda RX-7 was just not enought. So much now that we have not only street tunes, off-road tunes, drift tunes… we will also have drag tunes.
It is not a big of a deal for me, but again that is a lot of cars. A solution would be to put those cars in the Forzathon shop later. We’ll see.

EDIT: From those 23+ cars 12 could be exclusive tier rewards? Just wish for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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But what will the chances of actually getting the cars through wheel spins actually be? And really, is that really something we should have to worry about? The only cars that should be exclusive to wheel spins or rewards are forza horizon edition cars. Everything else should be available day one. Just like you would reasonably think it would be. Because not knowing how or when you are going to be able to get your favorite cars is an absolutely terrible sensation

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We’re all aware by now that some cars are locked through gameplay (not talking about barn finds and forza edition cars). For example the Lambo Huracan is unlocked at level 4 of road racing I believe.
What does that mean exactly, do you only get 1 Huracan? Or it becomes available to buy in the Autoshow after you unlock it?

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread (forum search is broken and this is the first thread that came up on this topic from a Google search).

Now that the game has been out for several months we know the state of locked cars in FH4, I would like to petition the devs to make locked vehicles available on the autoshow in a future patch as was done in FM7.

Note that when I say locked vehicles, I’m specifically referring to vehicles that can only be obtained via wheelspins or time-limited events (including Forzathon shop) since in both cases player luck either in wheelspin rewards or being able to play the game during a specific time is the main factor in whether the car is obtainable or not. Cars locked in this fashion are frequently unobtainable for many players due to the limited supply and the ensuing auction house scalping, which is exacerbated by the broken “legendary” players snatching up what little supply there is and relisting it at 20mil credits. Cars that are unlocked via barn finds and game progression are equally available to all players and aren’t part of this particular problem.

As mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, FH4 is supposed to be about playing the game your way. What if that way involves driving a particular car that the devs arbitrarily chose to lock in this way?

I understand the reasoning for exclusive locked cars since it makes players who got them feel like they got something special and creates an addictive hook for players to keep coming back so they won’t miss these exclusive cars, but on the flipside if you’re one of the players who can’t get it then based on my own experience over time it creates resentment towards the game and the devs.

FH4 is supposed to be a fun game where we can fantasize about driving cars we might never even get a chance to see IRL. These arbitrary locks that don’t even provide a reasonable path to obtain many vehicles (spinning 100s of wheelspins per wheelspin exclusive car is NOT reasonable) really take their toll on my enjoyment of the game.


I’m fine with the locked cars.

If you play the game enough, you get all the wheelspin exclusive cars. I’m now getting duplicates. As more people get duplicates they’ll become more common.

The game is supposed to last 2 year until the next one, though I suspect this will be 3 years to bring Forza 8 inline with the Xbox two launch. I think Forza MS 7 and H4 are development tools to make sure MS 8 is a must have launch title unlike the rushed and limited MS5. Given time they will both get better

Forzathon and reward cars are time limited, they will be repeated at some point. Sometimes they are just regular cars for points.

The only non autoshow cars needed for events was the James Bond dlc and the amount of moaning about that was the end of custom dlc race series.

None of these exclusive cars has superpowers, apart from the bone shaker which seems fast but twitchy. Most of them are common with minimal perk options and upgrade parts so not even amazing to race.

Not to mention the hundreds of other cars of assorted categories in the game.

Almost any game you play has rewards tied to progress and often luck. What’s next? Everyone should start with 100m credits so we don’t have to rely on RNG to buy fast travel, skill songs etc?

Playing how you want refers to being able to level up from skills, AI racing, speed traps, jumps, PvP, coop, team adventure etc. Not that you can have any car you want any time you want it.

I do agree the auction house is broken, the 20m is a joke, as it the black market (cash) trade which leads to people buying up these cars to sell for real world gain. I see far more of these cars traded at non legendary prices even with the risk of sniping. Having the rare cars worth trivial in game credit make people less motivated to sell with some preferring to scrap them than risk someone else making some credits. Better to share on n the AH. It would also help if you got the reward every time you completed the seasonal championship so you could win multiple specials that could be sold on

Perhaps unlocking everything would be an in game boost well I to it’s life.


The only locked car I’m salty about is the Ford Capri FE. It was in the Forzathon Shop prior to VIP early access. Only reviewers and content creators had access then and the car has not returned to the Forzathon Shop since - yet a couple other FE cars have made repeat appearances :frowning:

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