Local leaderboards like in FM2...Why not possible?

One of the greatest thing in a game like FM or even Gran Turismo is to compare cars. Different types, different setups or best car each class. So why Turn 10 have decided with FM3 to cut local leaderboards out of the game.
GT Sport still have then. And a game that needs 90+gb should have place for some mb for local leaderboards with a minimum of 5 spots each track and class.
I know that not less people have made there own leaderboards with pen and paper or excel. I would like to know I’m the only one who are interested in this.
Is there a option that a app can save the laptimes? Do the gamedata support that. It would be great if app can save the laptimes.
Then a question why turn 10 have taken the local leaderboards out of the game. They don’t must be saved on server. Tey can saved with the other gamedata.
For me it’s not understandable that a game that supports tuning only a single laptime can be saved. Even arcade games back in the early 90s supprt that feature and they have very very small storage space.
I know that the majority didn’t care about that feature.
But when I see how many people playing the rivals mode since the refreshing then I think the current state is no fun or give people a reason to run time trial/rivals.

Im guessing you arent talking about the time attack leaderboards which is every class for every track

FM2 had your own personal leaderboard for each track, it kept a record of your 10 best times. That way you could compare how close cetain cars were.

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Right. And not less people tune for example all their Forza GT cars and they don’t want not only know who is the fastest car. They want to know who are the ten fastest cars or laptimes when they run different setups. I really can’t understand why since fm3 it’s no more there.
But that’s not my point because I think that decision is made.
But it is possible to create a app who can save that laptimes? I’m sure some people will buy it if it has some extras too.
I know that since last year you can send data to phone or tab.

This would be a nice feature to see return; have missed it since Forza 2 was done with. My response, since then, has been to enter my laptimes into an excel sheet. It works, but it would be nice to have those times automatically logged by the game without me having to alt-tab back and forth.