Lobby crash glitch

I doubt I’m the only person to note this, but occasionally (I dont know if there is a certain thing which causes this or there is a way to fix it) whenever the lobby goes back to the hopper lobby, there is a chance, when a new map is being loaded that in the blacked out ‘studio’ area, all the cars in that lobby will appear you can barely see the hud, and when loading into the map, most likely it’ll crash, but rarely does it go into the map without crashing, and its extremely annoying, espeically if your playing with people in the lobby and not friends with them, so they cant invite you back, so either you join another lobby and forget about it, it frantically connect and disconnect to find the lobby you are in. It’s all very annoying, it’d definitely be appreciated if someone in the comments can tell me how I can avoid this (without bailing from the lobby) or if Turn 10 could fix this in a new patch or update.

Same problem here. This is happening when you trying to fast close reward screen after the race. To avoid that, don’t press “A” button on screen with your driver level and rewards. When new track will load, game will automaticaly close that screen and you will be taken to lobby without cars glith, but unfortunately you loose couple of seconds if you want to change car for the next race. Very annoying and it must be fixed.