Lobby Chat vs Party Chat, one works, the other not so much

Why? As many as a dozen of us regularly party up in a lobby to chat, joke and warn one another when passing or of track related events. This wouldn’t be as necessary if Lobby Chat worked. Sure, occasionally you can hear as many as three other racers in a lobby of 24. What good is that? It’s not uncommon for me to get a “use your mic” message from someone not in the party, but when I go to lobby chat I can’t hear them. I see their mic icon light up, but I can’t hear them. So I go back to the party and keep on keeping on. Turn 10, Please, please get this resolved and it will allow for less friction in the lobbies.


The problem is the chat system on the Xbox One. It’s not just in FM6. This issue shows up in every game I’ve played that has a “lobby chat”. FM6, COD Black Ops 3, etc - and the problem is just as you described - you can only hear a few people out of the lobby. That, and as the game goes on, the people you can hear changes.

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Correct. It’s somewhat annoying as during the few races where communication actually works you can have some cleaner racing with other drivers. There were 5 of us in the Sim League yesterday who were able to chat with one another, and saying something as simple as “on your left” before entering a turn prevents a lot of incidents from occurring on-track.

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Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t have lobby chat.

You are correct - my mistake on listing that one. Original post edited.

It’s an issue I’ve complained about on here many times before, it falls on deaf ears. Appearantly Turn 10 says it’s a Microsoft issue. The issue was also present in FM5. I’ve not experienced this issue in any other games such as Rainbow 6, or Halo 5. It’s a big deal to me and many others but is evidently a difficult issue to fix no matter who’s at fault. We should still put " working chat " in the wish list thread along with “monthly rivals that are monthly”, lol.

I see. It’s too bad T10 hasn’t told Microsoft to get it sorted. That shortcoming is detracting from FM6’s enjoyment and results in users needlessly at odds with each other.

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Was in a party the other night. Started seeing the same/similar issues where not everyone in the party could hear others. I thought that the next gen hardware coupled with “the power of the cloud” (ad nauseum) was supposed to make more advanced features possible? So how is it that it can’t provide the functionality/stability up to what we had with the 360 and peer to peer networks?

I had this problem with forza 6 party chat. I looked in audio settings and switched it to TV speakers and headphones, now everything works. Hope this helps.