Lobby chat not working

Hey t10, for the past 2 weeks, my club group has had our weekly series events where 14+ of us get together from m3forum.net, and race around. We’ve tried your lobby chat, but if there’s more than 3 of us in there, the chat option no longer works efficiently. (some people cant hear others, wierd noises like dial up ect. ect.) Its not even bearable, to the point we have to split up our group into 2 or more parties as party chat only supports 8…

Any word on fixing/patching this? It’d be great to play your game and be able to communicate to everyone in the race…

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I also experienced this issue in a lobby last night. What was really strange is that it would change every so often, so for a little while I could hear and talk to 3 or 4 certain people, then a few minutes later I couldn’t hear or talk to them, but I could with 3 or 4 other people. Made no sense

Yep, the chat for the 10+ of us has been unbearable. Any word on when this will be patched? Seems pretty broken for a multiplayer game not to have a working lobby chat…

Same issue here, doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 24, game chat is completely broken. Me and friends have actually been discussing using Skype for series racing chat instead as you just can’t do it any other way and we can’t fit all our members into a party chat.

I have also had this issue, but I’ve seen this in other games too.

I had wondered if it was a Forza issue or an Xbox issue, I only play multiplayer in Forza so I have no other reference

This has been an issue since release day of Forza 5. I was hoping to see they fixed it by Forza 6. Not the case sadly. I highly doubt they fix it now as they have had 2 years. Not to mention there is a message when joining multiplayer now that suggests you use party chat with your friends instead of lobby. They definitely know of the issue.