Loading times

I feel like the loading times on the Xbox one are very slow, will they get better one the One X?, or does a high end pc do a better job?.

They’re slow on PC

Loads fine from my ssd. Plenty fast. I couldnt imagine playing on the xbox. no thanks.

Its slow in general compared to FM6, I think its because of the new background feature they have while loading.

Actually feels like it loads quicker since the patch on xbox, far quicker then it did on release

ive noticed the loading times are dependent on the cars in the race. if they are all the same car like a spec race, the loading times are short, but if every car is different then the loading times take forever.

this could be resolved by reducing the field of cars from 24 to 16 on the one and keeping it at 24 for the one x.

And split the multiplayer community? Good luck with that. Speaking of which, load times in career are bad enough but in multiplayer they are absolutely unacceptable. You would think that everything could be loaded during intermission, but then the fun begins. Waiting for cars …

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I’ve been in full mp lobbies that has taken over 5 min to load.

For single player, turn off liveries. This helps loading times especially if you have a lot of friend drivatars participating in a race.

For multiplayer, I cannot be sure if you can turn off liveries but if you’re in a private lobby with friends, you can always arrange to keep the same cars instead of swapping cars every race.

On PC a fast SSD makes it bearable but it still isn’t what you would call quick.

Shame there isn’t more than can be done to optimise load times, for example in multiplayer begin and load a bunch of the circuit perhaps in the background as soon as it is chosen and locked.

Longer load times in free play are inevitable but even in single player cup mode you would have thought more could be done. Like as soon as you get to the winnings screen on a series start working on the next environment. It’s only a few seconds here and there but it would feel a lot snappier.

I was at Best Buy and a rep demoing FM7 full 4K game ver w/ extra gb install on Xbox One X and loading was significantly faster in free play mode. I didn’t stay long as it was hooked up to LG 4K non-HDR :frowning: I as why they would use a low end tv and he agree as the game looks worst than mine running on my LG OLED HDR & Xbox One S console w/ upscale to 4K.

Feels the same to me as Forza 6, to me, at least. I don’t play a lot of multi-player, and if I do, it’s with one other player.

Please! FM6 has much more consistent, significantly faster load times. Strictly comparing Xbox One versions here. And there were no track textures disappearing after ending races in career.

The One X is rumored to load games, in general, 150% faster than the standard Xbox One. When you take into account the higher quality in game assets involved however I wouldn’t be surprised if the loading time was about the same. Heres hoping its faster. Either way, as far as multiplayer is concerned it will not matter. The race will load as fast as the slowest pc/xbox on the grid.

You have a source for that 150% figure?