Loading Issues [XBOX]

During career mode, in the pre-race menu, the game became “stuck”. I could navigate to the options (drivatar difficulty etc.) but the race track wouldn’t load, I couldn’t exit the menu, and I couldn’t even open up the Xbox home. I had to force shut down the console and restart in order to resolve the issue.

I had not done anything prior to logging in, and going straight to the race menu. My game is up to date, and I was doing the Formula Ford Spec race series in career mode.


Can you please email forzafb@microsoft.com with a quick summary of your experience with this issue so we can troubleshoot and gather some additional info from you?


I am having this same issue. It seems like if i start the game from a clean/full fresh launch, everything works fine. Then when i am done playing I go back to the main screen of the game, then to the Xbox home screen and put my Xbox into stand by mode. Then the next day I turn on the Xbox and launch (resume) the game. Then I go back into my career mode game and the track will get stuck at “loading” but i can continue to navigate through all the menus. I have to go back to the Xbox home screen and force quit the game and relaunch it. Then everything seems to work fine at that point until the next day when i resume the game. I then go through the same steps stated previously.