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Any one know why I can’t load forza6 with my profile, get unknown error. Yet I can load it using other profile. Thanks

Yes, your gamesave is corrupted. This is an in game issue and Xbox support can not help you, trust me I tried. And I tried contacting Turn10 but had no response from HeliosT10. It’s been like two months. The only way I know to play this game again is to delete your game save from the cloud permanently. Is this a some kind of rare blindeye problem they are choosing to ignore? I just want to play the effing game already. Message reads:

Load Failed: An unknown error has occurred. Please try again later.

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I’m in the same boat except i don’t even get the error, my game crashes right after the t10 logo at start.

After dozens of emails and pm’s to t10 people - with not a single response of any kind from anyone - i gave up and started using another new profile, purely for forza 6. I have nothing but angst and disappointment towards t10 for being put in this situation and the complete lack of care, help or even a response from them. Given they are a subsidiary of Microsoft i expect better from them tbh and would rate them as having the worst customer support of any company ive ever dealt with hands down - strong words but im not exagerating.

Love the game but hate the way they treat customers. You’ll find this is a fairly universal thought about t10 from anyone who has ever tried to reach out to them for support. Welcome to the club :wink:

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Thanks for your reply. I have tried deleting it uninstall game. I can play it with a alter gametag.

Make sure all Xbox Live services are running.
Press WIN+R, type ‘services.msc’ and check if all three Xbox Live services on the list have been launched.

I don’t know why Turn 10 and Microsoft won’t include this quick fix in some kind of FAQ. People had problems with this “unknown error” since the very beginning of Forza 6 Apex beta.