Load Failed Unknown Error

Since saturday I have been able to play forza because when I load the game and it says press A to start it comes up with an error saying “load failed unknown error” and doesn’t let me past that. Has anyone else had this problem havent seen anyone post about it online

it happend to me on monday i made another gamertag started fresh game save saved it whent back to main menu press a to load it back up and it started fresh new game again…so it dont save or load
my game saves anymore

bump anyone know how to fix this?

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RyanEvans94 i have your same problems :frowning:

RyanEvans94 i have your same problem.

Hi RyanEvans i have your same problem. 5/3/2014

Hey all, after numerous resets (LT+RT+LB+RB and Y) it’s doing the same thing. Really quite annoyed now. Anyone figured out how to fix it yet???