load failed unknown error

Anyone else getting this message?

Apologies if this is known. FM6 says it needs to sync data, no problem. But after 1% that error message appears. I’m assuming it’s a problem with the T10 servers as everything my end is ok.

If this happened to you and you’ve been stumped or simply for future reference; the game asked me to delete game saves on my Xbox. I did this but still had no joy.
Xbox support walked me through removing and reinstalling my profile. This worked although I think I’ve lost my last session (not a major problem to me).
Just be aware that if you do this all other games will need to sync when you launch the game.
Hope this helps

Syncing most games will be a simple matter because the game saves are usually pretty small. It’s only with Forza that syncing can be a problem because the saves can be huge - up to a hundred MB or more depending on how many paints and tunes you’ve saved.

Syncing Forza can take most of the day in some cases and mustn’t be interrupted. An interruption can result in a complete loss of your save.