Load failed. Plpease try again later

Load failed. Please try again later. That is what I’m dealing with now on forza 6. I have reset, reloaded and resented my Xbox and the game. Now it seems my only option is to just delete all of my current game progress. I have spent hours on the phone with Microsoft tech support who has been very helpful and patient with me. This will be the second time I have lost all of my progress on forza 6 in the past 4 months and I have not been able to reach anyone with turn 10 studios. All I have gotten from them is a stupid automated reply email. This is unacceptable turn 10. This is a problem you should be able to help me with. I have been a customer of yours since day one. Man up, do the right thing and help me out here.

I feel your pain. I lost my profile a couple of weeks ago. As it happens the only thing I was bothered about was a couple of unicorn cars I’d lost and T10 replaced those so I’m basically back to where I was, minus about a billion credits I didn’t need and a thousand driver levels I don’t care about.

I only race though, I don’t tune or paint or collect cars, so while it was relatively painless for me it must be awful for anyone who has a lot of custom data attached to their profile.

How did you get in touch with turn 10?

I’m not actually sure! I posted a thread in this here support forum, and I sent an email to forzafb@microsoft.com, and I sent a Live message to mechberg, all explaining what had happened and asking nicely for my unicorn cars to be replaced. A couple of days later they turned up in-game under Messages/ Gifts, but I don’t know which of the messages was the one that got noticed.

Thanks man. I’m gonna keep trying them.

Keep in mind this is a holiday weekend, and multiple messages just clog up the system. One message is enough.

Completely non existent