Load error - cannot play fm6 - oh the pain

i was downloading a tune when the game locked up and gave me a load error.

i have researched the web ad nauseum, tried many things:
rebooting xbox one
deleting local save file and re-syncing
re-install fm6
rinse and repeat several times…

all to no avail. the one thing i have NOT done is delete the remote save file, as i know this would require me to start the game all over.

i have played many hours, earned lots of credits, bought lots of cars and finished the career mode. now i have NOTHING.

i am fairly certain that the remote file is corrupted, preventing me from a successful sync. so …

  1. can microsoft restore my save data from a point before this all happened (oct 27)? i am sure this would fix the issue.
  2. at the very least, can they do anything to un-corrupt my file, or
  3. at least provide me with some of the credits/cars/milestones i’ve achieved?

i have seen lots of people with this issue, but have yet to see any resolution other than starting over from scratch.

any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.
thank you so much for all the help you guys provide on these forums!


Hi bill, me and many others have had this problem, I think you will find no help from turn 10, microsoft or forza will ever come. I was close to level 100, completed the career and had almost half the cars in my garage when this happened too me, the only solution I could find was to delete my save file from online as well as the console and start again from level 0, watch the lovely intro video and race in the ford gt all over again. I contacted xbox as well as trying the forums but no luck, since then I have started forza again but have never got over the loss of my progress from before. all those cars and hours spent, not to mention the lucky spins which have gotten way way worse with this second play through. Goodluck finding a solution but you might have to start again like the rest of us did :frowning:

ruktar, while your message is disheartening, i really appreciate you taking the time to let me know this is perhaps a fruitless pursuit.

i have held off playing for several days in the hopes i hadn’t loss everything. but in that time i have found no one that has a solution to this problem. your email has at least helped me to drop my quixotic quest and start racing again.

one reason that i hesitated to start all over again is that i knew the loss of achievement would always be in the back of my mind. your acknowledgment of that same sentiment was somehow helpful. as frustrating as this was/is for you, i want you to know that your willingness to spend a few minutes and reply has helped me to feel a little better about once again starting anew.

fire up the videos.