Livery uploads

Hi guys im having and issue with my forza 6 since I’ve had the game i have not been able to upload an of my livery designs and when i try it say “try again later” please let me know how i can sort this issue out i would love to get my designs out there

I’d suggest doing a full power down and Hard Reset of the console.

Then before starting Forza, check to see if you’ve missed any Xbox updates.

Once those tow things are done, fire up the game, but before you start to play, go and check if there’s any game updates you’ve missed.

If it’s up today’s, then try it again, see how it goes this time.


I have a car that keeps saying try again later, but my other paint goes up fine, as I painted the Honda S2000 4 different paint, 3 are fine but the 4th paint won’t share at all, been like this for months, I got some car models that 4 diff paint are shared with no problems. I’ve done a hard reset makes no diff for me, It might work for your problems.

I’ve had the same issues today. I found by backing out completely to the Start panel, ie the Gt Ford Press A etc, then come back in, select another car, then re select my desired car, go to upload/share, and it works.

However. Do do a proper Hard reset when possible at least once a month.

Recently I’ve found it took a full 5 minutes yesterday for the lights to go completely out on the power block, then waited a full 60 sec extra before plugging it all back in. I also unplug the cable from the Xbox, as well as from the power block. Cutting all electrical sources that “could” store a minute charge.

I checked to see if there were updates, found there was one for the standard controller. Then powered every back up again.

Yes, it’s overkill, but I just want to make sure. It’s worked well for me, and in fact, I do it on the 1st of every month, or a few days prior to any CU or DLC if it’s going to fall on the 1st etc.

I personally think it’s kept my Xbox running smoothly since its purchase. Not had a lick of problems, other than the recent server drop out and Sharing/DL issues mentioned here recently.

I’ve now reverted to the backing out to the Start-Up Screen, then going back in as mentioned above, which has allowed me to share and DL. Give it a try,see how you go. Even just the backing out thing… Got nothing to loose eh…


Easier and quicker method then full rebooting the xbox…

Go into the paint editor and re-save the whole design as a new save file, then delete the old one. I do this every time I’ve had the same problem as the OP and it works every time.

Sounds like a plan… I I’ll def give that a whirl… But I still have my “monthly housecleaning” - done for this month… Awaiting CU & DLC Pack. Top Gear Pack anyone??


Thanks for the tips I’ll try them…