Livery Editor Is Broken

i don’t know what they did with this latest hotfix, but now every time i try to paint my car, or apply a livery i get an instant ctd. i tried repairing and even resetting this steaming pile in the apps settings and nothing helps. now that i can’t do what i most like to do in this game, i.e. creating unique liveries for my favorite cars i have called it quits on this raging dumpster fire. i got robbed of over 200 bucks for this mess and i am FURIOUS. i will never buy another PGG/T10 game again and i would advise everyone else to do the same. this was the final straw. uninstalled.

Thanks for the free advice and duly noted.

I used the Livery Editor yesterday, and it worked.

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Might be a bit late but there’s a possible workaround posted here in the Paint Booth section.

according to the thread you linked i’m supposed to roll back my drivers?! the audacity of the developers is mind boggling to think everyone’s computers are solely there to run their broken game. as if no one has or plays other games on their systems. this seems incredibly narcissistic to me. i will NOT roll back my drivers, or alter my system in any way to run this steaming pile of guano. funny how ALL of my other games run flawlessly yet this raging dumpster fire gets worse with every “hotfix” (which should be renamed “hotbroken”). they are actively killing this game and any hope of sales for future iterations.

You are but one among thousands quitting everyday my friend.

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I’m not on PC but have seen a lot of posts about issues on PC with painting and Nvidia drivers - going back well before the latest hotfix - so not sure if this is the same issue or a new one.

You could try this;

As suggested in this thread;

The other solution in that thread seems to be either rollback the drivers or disable raytracing. But again not sure if this is the same issue or a new one.