Livery and tune uses not registering?

I have looked just about everywhere and cannot find this anywhere so…

I have created tunes and liveries. I note in the accolades that the downloads and likes for both the tunes and liveries are registering, but not the uses. Is this broken or am I not doing something correct. It was working at one time as I see I have like 3 uses of a livery registered, but those were from several weeks ago. Nothing recent.

Also, what constitutes a use? When this is working, does a tune and livery that is being used by the same player over and over count as multiple uses? Does this only count once per player? Once per session? Once per event (ie each blueprint, speed trap, etc)?

I guess I really don’t understand how this is suppose to work? I really don’t want to invest a bunch of time on these activities if they are not going to register.

Thanks in advance.

Somebody on TrueAchievements said 1 use = 15 minutes in the car with your tune/design/vinyl on it.

Quite what would be wrong with it being as simple as 1 use = 1 race I don’t know.

Thanks for that! And thanks for pointing out (indirectly) that TrueAchievements has a Horizon 5 forum.

Think it is per event. After 3 races it asks to like the tune/livery all the time and never asked for that using in free roam so its definitely counting the “use” in events

I’ve not seen any mention of this 15 minutes thing before.

I believe on previous games, it had to be used in a race as stated by PinkiePie.

If they have now included the 15 minutes thing as well - I rather like that in all honesty. I can’t confirm or deny if it’s right or not.

But running so many rivals in recent weeks - I don’t think those would have counted as a use in the past. But under a 15 minutes system they would. So if there’s a mix of both I would see that as a positive.

15 minutes would mainly affect vinyls as you nearly always use a tune for 15 minutes. Sometimes I download a vinyl, and when you see it close up it is bad… I get rid of it.

Aqua - if you download something then delete it. It’s not going to get a use count by whatever metric/ in game measurement you use.

So whichever system is implemented, either or both it’s not going to get a use count.

If in some cryptic way, you are saying that there is often more downloads on designs and less uses, that this is because people download them, get a better look at them in game and then decide they don’t like them - where you are unable to visually check out a tune - so are more likely to drive it for 15 minutes. Then I think I understand.

You could also argue that when you buy a car, it offers you a selection of paints to apply - so you get a download. But not all cars will be driven at all, just collected. So you may never get a use from that either.

I thought it was obvious that I said that.

Sorry Aqua, I’m reading your post but it seems contradictory. In what way would it affect vinyls if you download them see it close up and delete it?

Tunes and full paints (not necessarily vinyls) would therefore benefit from the 15 minutes thing, not the other way around. If I like a paint/ tune I will drive to an event in the car, use the car - or as I mentioned I could run rivals for hours but in the past this wouldn’t have counted - so the 15 minutes thing would assist here. I don’t download a load of vinyls personally - as usually just paint whatever I think I need.

I’ve no idea if this is a genuinely a thing or not as stated above - I just think if it was a thing, it might actually be a good thing.

It’s not contradictory. If you download a vinyl, and delete it you didn’t use it for 15 minutes so then it doesn’t get a uses count. How is that contradictory?

There is 3 type of counters Downloads, Uses, Likes and u get diff amount of money for these. The system itself comes from motorsport and there is no free roam.
From gamedev perspective its hard to implement a 15min thingy.

I tested this with a friend for several days when trying to get the creative part done. Our results.

Likes can be done trough My Tunes/My designs

Livery Design - complete 2 races (rivals) or 2 PGG(you need to complete 2 full sessions)
Tune - complete 3 races
Vinyls - broken

Restarting a race won’t count towards the requirements for a use. You need to exit to free roam. However it count when you select Bring it on after completing a Rivals event. You can get uses trough PGG too but each full session will count as one race only.

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Thank you so much for this detailed answer.
I will give this a try. I am now wondering if the very short blue print races count.

Yes, Blue prints work. Challenge cars don’t. You can’t make a Challenge Card with a tuned car and get uses that way.

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