Liveries not showing up on my Drivatar cars

Sorry, I already posted this in the Paint Booth before I came across the FM6 Support section. Here goes again…

I have several Live profiles, so when playing in career I am nearly always racing against one of my other Drivatars. Lately my Liveries are not showing up on the cars. Instead, I am getting seemingly random colored cars/liveries. Even the Drivatars of players that I do not know seem to be made up of the same Turn 10 recommended liveries regardless of the Drivatar. Every race is made up of the same liveries, over & over. I can’t help but conclude that these are not the true liveries of these players, but ones inserted onto their cars. Just last night i repainted every cars in my Wife’s entire garage the same color green. This morning when I loaded up my profile and went into career, her Drivatar showed up as one of my opponents, but her cars were just random colors. It’s very annoying to spend hours creating liveries only to have them not actually show up on the cars.

Is there something I may have done to cause this? I did recently go through and rename the liveries in a couple of my games. Some liveries show up but most do not. With a couple of cars, I went and raced them in career then switched profiles and after that they showed up. This has not worked for every car though. In fact, it has not worked for most. Any help would be very much appreciated.



Check this Xbox Live Support information, your settings may have been unintentionally reset to give you only generic items:

Secondly, if you’ve repainted cars, have you saved the new livery to each one individually? It sounds like you’re making changes, but the system is still recognizing older settings to display.

Third: Try a hard reset of your system as noted here.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I repaint and tweak my liveries constantly (probably more than I actually race). I either save to current car or save to design catalog then load it onto the car if I wish to keep the old version as well. Like I said though, I recently went through and renamed the files in my entire design catalog to better identify & organize the liveries. But the issue started before that. It’s actually another reason why I did it. Some of my liveries used to have the same names, like OEM Red, Custom Blue and Race Yellow, but that is no longer the case. My liveries are now named like this… 1966 Nova 01, 1966 Nova 02, etc. This way none are the same. I figured that may fix the problem, but it did not. I did notice that when I would actually race the liveries with the new filename in career, they would sometimes work after that. But like I said, it does not always work. Also, when I repainted the cars in my Wife’s garage, I deleted every old livery first, so they are all completely new and saved onto each car.

I have not changed any settings.

I’ll try the hard reset. Will I lose passwords or anything else?

After you renamed them, did you save them back on the cars? If you didn’t you’ve got a livery which no longer exists saved to the car, and the “new” one sitting there not associated with a car.

Grasping at straws here. The Hard Reset is for the Xbox One, to make sure it is communicating with the latest software, gamertag/profile and saves of the games (your console/cloud stuff). It doesn’t dig into the individual games to change things unless there is an incomplete download lurking about somewhere, and then the files would be update properly.

Yeah, after I renamed the liveries, I went through every car and actually applied the new liveries/file names from the design catalog. I’m kinda O.C.D. that way.

I should also mention that I’m having this issue with every profile on the console. Like I said, I have a few profiles (4), along with my Wife’s 2 and a few friends who have copies of their profiles stored here for when they come over. Almost none of their liveries are showing up on the drivatar vehicles (an occasional one works here & there). I just got done playing a few minutes ago, and in one series I was racing against two of my other profiles and they were both driving identical red Mitsubishi Lancers. Neither of those profiles has a red Lancer. No profile on the console has a red Lancer and I’ve never actually painted one red to my knowledge. Yet there they were, being driven by two of my alternate profiles. In all honesty, I don’t think the one even has that Lancer, but I know the other does… It’s gold with black wheels & stripes (lol).

I’m gonna go through and actually get in each car (rather than just selecting it from the paint menu) and reapply each livery from the catalog. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try the hard reset.

Thanks again.

Okay, I went into each and every car, erased whatever was on them then reloaded the liveries with their new (permanant) file names and… Didn’t work.

I did a hard console reset… Didn’t work.

I deleted the games from the console then re-synced… Didn’t work.

I have now uninstalled the game from the console and it is currently reinstalling. We’ll see, but everything that I’ve tried has not helped so my expectations are very low.

Any other ideas?


The uninstall/reinstall also did not work, but…

I went out on a limb and decided to purchase a duplicate car and see what would happen. I picked up a 2nd Toyota Trueno in one of my games. I painted it the same color as the original (brand new livery) except I did the wheels white so I could tell the liveries apart. I also upgraded the body kits differently so I could tell the vehicles themselves apart. I then loaded up a different profile and went into career mode to see if the new Trueno would show up as a Drivatar opponent. What happened kinda surprised me. The old Trueno showed up (I could tell by the body kit) with the livery it should have had all along (I could tell because the wheels were not white). Somehow, purchasing the car again reset the old one and it’s livery. My next experiment will be to see what happens if I go back in and sell either the new one, the old one or switch liveries. I’m gonna pinpoint this issue if it kills me.

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Okay, nothing I’ve done has truly worked. Some liveries show up, some don’t. Some will show up as an opponent using one profile but not when using another. I have gone so far as to completely delete a couple of games from the console and the cloud so I’d have to start from scratch. That worked at first, but when I went to play the other day, their new liveries were again not showing up. I think this is a part of the default color bug because I have noticed that my liveries are being replaced either by the vehicle’s default color or one specific livery over & over regardless of what profile I’m using (IE: an MR2 will always be this disgusting orange/blue design). I’ve just given up. Like I’ve said, the painting is probably my favorite part of FORZA, so I’m putting it away for now.

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